Step by Step Process of Aggressive and Effective Criminal Defense

Step One:     Investigate

This initial step is crucial to the successful outcome of your case.  Critical information to your defense may be lost over time.  Identifying witnesses or evidence that can exonerate you or mitigate the effects of your actions, before the witnesses’ memories fade or the evidence spoils, can make all of the difference in your case.  A complete understanding of the facts of your case is vital to every other step in the process.

Step Two:     Communicate

One of the keys to our success in representing Defendants through the years is our accessibility and strong, open communication with our clients.  Clients of Jamie Hernan know they can call the office or stop by any time with questions, but sometimes questions arise after normal business hours.  Our office telephone line is answered live twenty four hours per day.  Clients have Jamie Hernan’s cell phone number and can reach him directly whenever necessary and the attorney and staff of the Hernan Law Firm pride ourselves on the fact that email messages and phone calls are answered and returned promptly.  We will keep you informed throughout the process as to the progress of your case, and make sure that you are prepared each step of the way.  Again, you do not have to go through this alone.  Call the Hernan Law Firm to have Jamie Hernan and our staff standing beside you each step of the way.

Step Three:     Advocate

After you hire the Hernan Law Firm, we will notify the court and the prosecutor that he is representing you.  The judge’s staff and prosecuting attorney will likely communicate through our office (other than sending notices of court dates), and we will coordinate upcoming court appearances, file motions and work with the prosecuting attorney to try to resolve the case without having to subject you to the risk of trial.

Step Four:     Negotiate

We will also notify the prosecuting attorney (called the solicitor in State Court for misdemeanors and the district attorney in Superior Court for felonies) that we are representing you.  We will present a persuasive argument to the prosecutor during a pre-trial conference that your case should be dismissed or the charges reduced or work out a beneficial plea agreement as appropriate under the circumstances.

Step Five:    Litigate

And, if for any of a number of reasons, we are unable to resolve your case through an agreement with the prosecutor and judge prior to trial, we will proceed to trial to assert your rights to a fair and speedy trial in front of a judge or a panel of your peers.  It is at trial when the focus of our art of persuasion and advocacy turns from the prosecuting attorney and judge to the jury.  Evidence is presented, testimony is heard and your story is told to the jury in a way that will hopefully attain for you the results you are seeking.

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