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The Hernan Law Firm represents individuals seeking naturalization or lawful immigration status through family based petitions and defends individuals facing removal, immigration detainers and those seeking deferred action or dismissal through prosecutorial discretion.

The Hernan Law Firm assists individuals seeking to petition for their spouse, children, parents and siblings, including petitions for individuals that are currently present in the United States and those seeking to petition through the United States Consulate in their native country.

The Hernan Law Firm also represents individuals seeking to apply for United States citizenship, renew lawful permanent resident cards (green cards) or seek lawful permanent residence through other processes.

The Hernan Law Firm represents individuals facing removal, cancellation of lawful permanent residence, revocation of citizenship or other situations that could result in their departure from the United States.

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Immigration Detainers

The Hernan Law Firm has significant experience helping individuals facing immigration detainers (holds) while incarcerated in a jail for other charges, as well as dealing with jurisdictions that maintain 287(g) agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. For more detailed information about immigration detainers, visit our related blog posting. Call (678) 275-4000 without delay to see how The Hernan Law Firm can help your loved one if they are in this situation.

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Provisional Waiver – Petition for Immediate Relative

On January 2, 2013, USCIS announced the long awaited posting of the final rules for the provisional waiver process, a sensible solution to a component of immigration law that caused families to be separated during the petition process for immediate relatives (spouses, parents and children) who had entered the United States without inspection. Because of the beneficiary’s status and method of entry into the United States, the former process would require that they leave the country and apply for a waiver of their inadmissibility caused by such status. That could result in immediate relatives being separated from their families for extremely long periods of time, even as much as ten years. Under the process proposed early in 2012 and outlined with today’s announcement, the immediate relative can now apply for that waiver of inadmissibility while in the United States. While they still must depart the United States to obtain their visa through a consular process, if approved for the provisional waiver they would depart the country with the comfort and knowledge that they will be granted reentry promptly.

Immigration Bond

The Hernan Law Firm can help individuals detained in immigration facilities to obtain a bond (if they are eligible) or to seek a reduction to an existing bond. Qualification for bond and the circumstances that affect the amount of a bond are complicated and a skilled attorney can be of vital importance in the process in obtaining the lowest possible bond so that your loved one can obtain a release from immigration custody pending the final outcome of their case.

Cancellation of Removal

Individuals who have been in the United States for at least ten (10) years, have been a person of good moral character and whose removal would cause extreme and unusual hardship to a United States citizen (qualifying relative) may be eligible to avoid removal if approved through the cancellation of removal process. A very limited number of approvals (currently 4,000) can be granted each year. Call The Hernan Law Firm at (678) 275-4000 to find out how we can help you if you are in this situation.

Deferred Action

The Hernan Law Firm assists individuals who are seeking deferrals of their removal from the United States due to extraordinary circumstances or based on humanitarian concerns. Further, the firm stands ready to assist young people filing for deferred action through the recently announced process for individuals under the age of 31 who entered the United States prior to the age of 16 and qualify for renewable two year terms of deferred action and a work permit as a result of their entry into the United States as a minor child and their maintenance of a clean or minor criminal history.

Voluntary Departure / Expedited Removal

The Hernan Law Firm can help individuals obtain an order of voluntary departure if they qualify in order to avoid deportation. If there is no way to avoid deportation (e.g., serious criminal history), we can help expedite the process.

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