Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Roswell, GA

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Roswell, GA- man getting hit by carIf you have been struck by a motor vehicle, bicycle, or even a scooter while you were walking, it is important to schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced legal team at Hernan Law Firm after you’ve received necessary medical attention. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries, you may be entitled to significant compensation at this time. This remains true even if you were partially responsible for the accident in question.

It is important to understand that even if the individual who struck you was blameless, you may be in a position to sue other entities for the harm that you have suffered. Perhaps the city failed to properly install signage that might have prevented your accident or to maintain the road upon which your accident occurred. Perhaps the scooter that struck you was malfunctioning at the time of your collision and its manufacturer may be held liable for your injuries. 

At the Hernan Law Firm, we do not take the details surrounding any accident for granted. We investigate accidents thoroughly to better ensure that our clients are able to hold anyone who is partially or totally responsible for the harm they’ve suffered financial responsible to the fullest possible extent as allowed by state and/or federal law.

Why Exploring Your Legal Options Is Worth Your Time

Pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic. Even if your accident can be more accurately be described as “serious,” it is critically important to connect with a Roswell, GA pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm to clarify your rights as a pedestrian accident victim and to explore your options available under the law. Being struck while traveling on foot is never an inconsequential event. In addition to your physical injuries, you may experience emotional trauma for some time to come. Holding those responsible for causing you harm accountable can both bring you a measure of closure and better ensure that any financial consequences stemming from your accident do not impact your family’s budget.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have recently been injured while traveling by foot, chances are good that you are entitled to significant compensation at this time. It is rare that a pedestrian is held to be solely—or even primarily—responsible for injuries suffered after they have been struck. Motorists, bikers, truckers, and even cyclists and scooter riders are bound by law to operate their forms of transportation responsibly. Unless you were trying to get hurt, chances are that the individual who struck you and/or an alternative entity may be held accountable for the harm that you have suffered.

It will cost you nothing but a brief investment of your time to explore your legal options with the assistance of the experienced Georgia legal team at Hernan Law Firm. Connect with us today to learn more about our approach to advocacy and about your rights and options under the law. We look forward to speaking with you.