Auto Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in an automobile accident recently? If you need an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, Georgia, be sure to reach out to The Hernan Law Firm to set up a free consultation. We will go over the unique details of your case to see whether or not you want to settle with insurance or take your case to court. 

What Should You Do After Being in an Auto Accident?

There are very important steps you need to take after being involved in a car accident. First, you need to check yourself and any passengers in your car to make sure you are not severely injured. If anyone who was involved in the accident is in critical condition, you need to call 911 immediately to get help to the scene of the accident. 

Next, you should make sure a police officer comes to the scene of the accident to evaluate what happened and write a police report that will be important if you decide to file a lawsuit against the negligent party in the accident. 

Finally, when you get home, you should make an appointment to see your primary care physician — even if you feel fine — and to speak with an auto accident attorney in Roswell, GA as soon as possible. Seeing a medical professional is crucial to have the accident documented in case you eventually have issues that are delayed from the accident, and meeting with an attorney is critical to do as soon as possible so that you do not miss any important filing deadlines for your case. 

What Kind of Compensation Can You Expect from Being in an Auto Accident? 

There are many things you could be compensated for after being involved in an auto accident. Some damages may be for healthcare you have needed and medical expenses following the accident. Other compensation may include property damage to your vehicle or anything else that was broken inside your car during the accident and even damages for pain and suffering you endured due to the negligence of someone else. 

Five Things You Should Do Following An Automobile Accident 

If you suffered serious bodily injury during a motor vehicle accident you must obtain the contact information and insurance information from the other driver. If any witnesses observed the accident scene you need to obtain their contact information. 

A police officer at the scene of the accident may collect this information as well. However, if you collect it yourself your attorney will not have to request this information from other sources. This can save time and money associated with your automobile accident cases. The traffic collision report will have to be requested and your attorney may have to wait several weeks to obtain a copy of the report. If you obtain this information beforehand it can help your automobile accident attorney prepare your case strategy early. The facts on the traffic collision report are important to your case. 

Seeking medical attention is also important to your case. You may have suffered only minor injuries during the accident. However, you may not know the extent of your injuries because no noticeable symptoms have yet appeared. You need to consult a primary care physician and any specialists who will be able to provide you with excellent medical care and document your injuries. 

You should not contact your insurance company until you speak with a personal injury attorney. You want to protect your rights, and an automobile accident attorney can help you determine how to protect your legal claims. Insurance companies may use manipulative techniques to force you to settle for less than your claim is worth. Insurance companies may attempt to claim a complete history of your medical records. They are not entitled to a complete medical history of all of your prior injuries. 

Also, creating a documentation folder is necessary so you can organize your medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair documents in one location. Lastly, contact an auto accident attorney today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. If you want to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve you should speak with an automobile accident attorney who can advise you on the best case strategy to pursue. 

You must be strategic when it comes to collecting evidence and sharing information regarding your automobile accident case. You should not speak with an insurance company before you consult a skilled personal injury attorney. Automobile accident attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and the tactics they use to manipulate parties into waiving their claims or admitting liability. If you need to retain an automobile accident attorney contact us today and learn more about the legal services we offer.