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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia
For Over 20+ Years
Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Woodstock GA Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney Woodstock, GAPersonal Injury Attorney Woodstock, GA

At Hernan Law Firm, our lawyer for personal injury in Woodstock, GA understands the difficulties you are likely going through if you are recovering from a personal injury accident. Motor vehicle accidents of any kind can leave a person dealing with injuries that may last a few months or that may last a lifetime. If you were in an auto accident, it could have been a fender bender, a rear-end collision, or much worse, such as a head-on collision. Many people who have been in auto accidents are not only nervous to get back behind the wheel of a car (or in the passenger seat) but may also have stress when it comes to leaving their house and traveling in any mode of transportation. We know that you may wish to file a personal injury claim for your physical injuries as well as the emotional and psychological trauma you have been through as well. 

Similarly, being the victim in a truck accident can leave you hesitant to get back on the road and can give you flashbacks if you are driving next to a truck or even see another truck on the road. Because of how large these vehicles are, you may be suffering from very severe injuries that leave you unable to return to your old job or return to work at all. This can be devastating for you and your family. If you are hoping to file a claim for a motorcycle accident, you have come to the right place. Not only do we help victims of auto accidents and truck accidents, but we can help you when you were injured while riding your motorcycle. Even the safest of riders, obeying the laws and wearing the appropriate safety gear, can still become injured so severely that they must go through various surgeries or need help through different types of rehabilitation. 

Look no further than Hernan Law Firm. Our team is here to be of legal service to you when you do not know where else to turn and when you would like to file a claim. 

Dupree Park Woodstock GADupree Park Woodstock, GA

At Hernan Law Firm, we find that many of our clients have a difficult time fitting everything into their busy lives after they have been in an auto accident. Especially for those who are juggling a family with children, finding time to make it to your medical appointments or legal appointments can be difficult. For this reason, we recommend bringing your children and taking a detour to Dupree Park in Woodstock, Georgia. No matter what your child’s age, you are sure to find something at Dupree Park to keep them entertained while you are considering your options when filing an auto accident claim. 

Dupree Park can keep you and your family busy with a number of different features, including four different tennis courts, two basketball courts, a huge playground, pavilions, a walking trail, and a fishing area. So if you need to look through some paperwork while your child plays on the basketball court, you can. Or, if you would rather clear your head and take a break from thinking about all of the legal jargon, you can join your family on a walk around the beautiful trail. Want to bring a kite or a picnic? There are two large open fields to enjoy running around or eating a bite of food. Whether you want to be active or simply enjoy the views in between your legal appointments, Dupree Park offers you many different options. 

Woofstock Dog Park Woodstock GeorgiaWoofstock Dog Park Woodstock Georgia

Curious more about how you will be able to make your different appointments when your furry best friend needs your love and attention? We have you covered! Our team at Hernan Law Firm recommends taking a break and visiting Woofstock Dog Park. Just a short drive from our office, you will find that Woofstock Dog Park offers you many enclosed, safe areas for both large and small dogs. So, no matter how big or little your furry friends are, they are sure to enjoy their time running around. Want to get out of your head while you are considering insurance settlement options during your truck accident case? No problem. You and your best friend can walk the trail and take a break at Noonday Creek Bridge before you get back to your claim. 

More interested in unwinding and having a seat? Our Woodstock, Georgia personal injury lawyer recommends enjoying the covered sitting area that’s only 0.15 miles down the walking trail. This is a great location if you are hoping to stop for a lunch break or if you would like to come to a quiet area to think about your options with your truck accident claim. Whether you want to remain active or find a place to do paperwork, you can do it with your furry best friend in tow at Woofstock Dog Park. 

Woodlands Park Woodstock GeorgiaWoodlands Park Woodstock Georgia

Are you considering moving after you were in a motorcycle accident? Maybe you simply feel that you need a change of scenery after you were injured while riding your motorcycle or maybe you need a house that features different amenities if you are suffering from more permanent injuries after a motorcycle accident. Whatever your reasons, our team at Hernan Law Firm highly recommends looking into the homes at Woodlands Park in Woodstock, Georgia. Known for its beautiful wooded neighborhood, you are sure to find a home that speaks to you when you are house-hunting, whether you would like a single-family home or a townhome. 

If you choose to move here, you will find something that everyone in your family likes: a community pool, ten different regulation tennis courts, a volleyball court, a playground, a clubhouse, and a basketball court. Shopping for a home can be difficult after an accident, especially when you have a family to consider as well. However, you are sure to find something here that every member of your family loves. Are you interested in the different sights near our office? Are you ready to reach out to a legal team you can trust for your case and that will have your best interests at heart? If you have been in an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident and are ready to move forward with your claim, look no further than Hernan Law Firm; our personal injury lawyer in Woodstock, Georgia is waiting for your phone call.


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