Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer Sandy Springs, GA - accident ahead signIf you were hurt in a truck accident, you may want to consult a truck accident lawyer in Sandy Springs, GA. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and other losses that resulted from the accident. A lawyer can help you pursue a claim against the negligent party.

Why Truck Accidents Are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

While accidents involving just passenger vehicles can result in serious injuries, they’re nothing compared to accidents involving commercial trucks. Here are some reasons why truck accidents are more dangerous than car accidents.

  • Commercial trucks are very large. There’s no denying the sheer size of commercial trucks. These trucks are typically between 70 to 80 feet, which is significantly longer than passenger vehicles. The larger the vehicle, the more damage it is likely to cause in an accident.
  • Commercial trucks are very heavy. Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If one of these trucks gets into a collision with a passenger vehicle, the people inside the passenger vehicle are more likely to suffer life-threatening injuries.
  • Commercial trucks carry cargo. One of the most common causes of truck accidents is unsecured cargo. Trucks have to carry several types of cargo, including flammable items. If a truck gets into an accident, the cargo can fall onto the road and severely injure someone.
  • Truck drivers have tight deadlines. As a truck accident lawyer in Sandy Springs, GA can attest, many truck drivers are pressured to deliver their goods on strict deadlines. As a result, truck drivers may drive longer than they are supposed to and even take drugs to stay awake. Being under the influence of drugs and fatigue can lead to accidents.
  • Commercial trucks need more room to stop. Due to their size, commercial trucks need more time to come to a complete stop than passenger vehicles. If truck drivers don’t get themselves enough space to stop, they can crash into the vehicle in front of them.
  • Commercial trucks are more difficult to maneuver. Sometimes truck drivers may have to make quick maneuvers to avoid obstacles on the road. Unfortunately, it’s much trickier for trucks to make sudden movements than it is for passenger vehicles. If a truck driver can’t react quickly enough to an obstacle, an accident can happen.

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