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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Auto Accident Lawyer Roswell, GA

Auto Accident Lawyer Roswell, GA

Auto Accident Lawyer Roswell, GA

A skilled auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA knows that if you have been injured in a car accident, you know that it can have disastrous consequences. Accidents on the road can happen almost anywhere, from busy urban areas to rural streets. When drivers are not paying attention to traffic laws or the environment around them, an accident that leaves victims seriously injured can occur. Fortunately, accident victims can depend on quality legal assistance to help them through their ordeal. If you have been injured in an accident, call a top lawyer like one from Hernan Law Firm. 

After a serious accident, victims may not know who to turn to. On top of the stress that comes with the aftermath of an accident, there is also the fear of a claim not being approved. Many victims of car accidents are hesitant to pursue legal action because they are not sure if they will win. However, it’s worth exploring in your legal options so that you can obtain the compensation that you deserve. Moreover, while it is easy for one to blame themselves and have guilt over a car accident, especially if a loved one died in a car accident, it is important to have a good understanding about the carelessness of drivers on the road. For example; sometimes drivers are careless on the road. Then they get in accidents, because they attempt to jump through a red light, they do not turn on a turn signal when it comes to turning corners, or they do not turn on a signal, when it comes to changing lanes, and more.  Also, road rage can play a major factor in car accidents as well. Then when it comes to an auto accident, even pedestrians can become a victim in auto accidents as well. For example; one of the biggest reasons why pedestrian accidents happen is because of cars being reckless on the road.  

An example of this is how cars are not yielding to pedestrians, when pedestrians are allowed to cross the street, via the walk sign, people at a store being careless in the parking lot, at the gas station, cars being in a hurry and late to work, and more. In other words, people are careless on the road, and there are many times where an accident is not the person’s fault, who was a victim of someone else’s actions. Car accidents can cause serious injuries to pedestrians as well,  such as broken bones, to concussions, and even death, if the impact and point of impact are severe enough. 

The experienced legal team at Hernan Law Firm can provide you the assistance to help you navigate this difficult time. With years of experience achieving positive case outcomes in a variety of practice areas, they understand what it takes to recover a settlement that can help you move on from your accident. 

Stay Calm by Taking These Steps

It doesn’t take much for an accident to ruin someone’s day, and then cause further stress for weeks to come. Even minor fender benders can cause more than just an inconvenience, as the impact from a collision can cause injuries that require medical attention. For example, whiplash is a common condition among car accident victims, even those who were only going speeds of around 15 MPH. Once an accident happens, try to stay calm by taking these steps:

Call 911 for help and assess yourself for injury.

Never leave the scene of a car accident. Call 911 for help so an officer can come help handle the situation and file a report of what happened. If you don’t, then it will be more difficult to pursue a claim for compensation later. If you are not injured and the collision was relatively minor, carefully move your vehicle off the road so it doesn’t interfere with traffic. Put hazard lights on, and set up reflective emergency triangles or flares. However, if the scene is more severe or people are hurt, keep cars where they landed after the crash. 

Gather crucial information and evidence.

Use the camera and video on your cellular phone to capture pictures of your injuries and the damage to both vehicles. Gather the other driver’s name, driver’s license number, phone number, address, and insurance policy. Make sure to request a copy of their license and insurance details, to make sure they aren’t giving you false information. Do not share your social security number or what the coverage limits are for your policy. Other helpful facts to get include:

  • Vehicle identification number
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle make/year/model/color
  • Witness names and contact

See a doctor the same day even if you don’t feel hurt.

This is a hugely influential step in your car accident claim. You must get a medical evaluation so it starts a paper trail for your injuries. You may be tempted to shrug off going to the doctor because you don’t have pain or other symptoms. However, it is common for injury symptoms to show up the next day or thereafter. There can be long-term effects for auto injuries, such as concussions, whiplash, which can go unseen but become permanent and cause severe neck injury even years later, and more. These are some examples of potential long-term consequences that could happen when it comes to pedestrian accidents. 

 To protect your best interests and health, get a doctor’s exam. 

Cases a Lawyer Often Handles

From drunk driving cases to T-bone collisions, an auto accident lawyer serving the Roswell, Georgia community has experience working on a number of cases. Even if you believe you have a partial fault, a lawyer can assist you because you may still be able to recover compensation for your losses. The types of cases that an experienced lawyer is familiar with include the following: 

  • Aggressive driving
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side-impact accidents
  • Intersection accidents
  • Freeway accidents

Recovering Damages

Auto accidents can cause victims to suffer many losses, such as medical bills, car repairs or total replacement, missed time off work, pain and suffering, and much more. These are known as economic and non-economic damages. It is important to know exactly what damages you may be able to recover after a car accident because 

Calculating the total damages can be difficult without a lawyer to guide you. An experienced auto accident lawyer can help determine an accurate calculation so that you can receive the highest amount possible. Having worked on many types of auto accident cases, they are likely to have encountered a case that is similar to yours, so they will know which approaches will be most productive to use.

What To Do and What To Avoid for a Car Accident Claim

Injured drivers often have a lot of questions after a car accident. This is normal. At Hernan Law Firm PC, we can help you find the answers you need and make excellent decisions for your case. What things should you do or avoid when you’ve been in a crash?

Do Get Medical Care

There’s no reason to deprive yourself of medical care. It’s actually good for your case to get the treatment you need. One of the things your auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, has to prove in court is the gravity of your injuries. Scans, tests and doctor’s reports can be powerful pieces of evidence.

Generally speaking, you should go to the hospital to get treated for injuries within 72 hours of the accident. Keeping yourself safe and protecting your health is essential. Depending on the type of accident, you may have internal injuries or head trauma, so getting checked out is smart even if you don’t feel hurt.

Do Have a Lawyer Handle Negotiations With Insurers

Your auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, can be a huge help in dealing with insurance companies. This includes your own insurance company as well as the other driver’s insurer. For one thing, insurance companies tend to take claims more seriously when you have a lawyer representing you.

Also, because our team at Hernan Law Firm PC has extensive experience with automobile accident claims, we can offer guidance on how much you should reasonably expect from a settlement. That way, insurers are less likely to attempt lowballing your claim.

Do Ask Your Auto Accident Lawyer Questions

Never feel ashamed to ask questions. You’re not a lawyer, and you don’t need to be one. That’s why we’re here. A good auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, wants to understand your point of view and preferences — it helps the law firm know what kind of compensation and damages to go after.

You can ask general questions such as how long the case will take. You can ask specific questions such as what “negligence” means. We’re happy to answer whatever you need.

Don’t Give Your Medical Records to the Other Insurance Company

Speak with your lawyer before agreeing to provide any medical records to the other driver or insurance company. You have control over your medical records, and no one can force you to provide them. Even your auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, needs to get your signed consent to access them.

Understanding Common Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident injury can be extremely serious, and sometimes can result even from a seemingly minor collision. The impact of two vehicles colliding, or one vehicle colliding with an object or person, can provide a tremendous amount of force. Below, learn about some common types of auto accident injuries to be on the lookout for.

Remember, if seeking help from an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, The Hernan Law Firm can get the job done.

Traumatic Brain Injury

This is one of the most potentially severe and threatening injuries that can result from an accident. It involves damage to the brain from a blow or puncture. While some traumatic brain injuries may be fairly mild, others can be debilitating and require immediate attention.


Burns are another common type of injury after an auto accident. Hot metal, fluids, or fire resulting from a crash can cause both mild and severe burns, requiring immediate treatment.

Remember, an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA can be immeasurably helpful if dealing with a serious injury, including burns.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are another type of physical trauma that can result from an accident, generally due to the force of impact. Ribs, arms, legs, ankles, and other bones are common fracture sites after accidents.

Soft Tissue Damage

Damages to muscles, ligaments, and tendons are also common in the aftermath of an auto accident. These injuries can range from mild — not requiring intensive treatment — to severe and needing immediate attention.

Trauma and Other Psychological Injuries

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a common result of a severe crash. While people sometimes dismiss psychological injuries as not on par with physical injuries, PTSD and related conditions can be debilitating for months or even years after an initial auto accident.

The Hernan Law Firm is an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, and can help deal with both physical and psychological injuries resulting from an accident.

5 Things to Do When You Get in a Car Accident

Getting in a car accident can be both scary and frustrating, and it can be hard to know exactly how to proceed. Whether it’s a mild situation or a more severe accident involving an injury, here are five crucial actions you should take to the best of your ability after a car accident. 

Get Medical Help if Needed 

First, if you or anyone else involved in the collision is injured, it is imperative that you seek medical help immediately. On that note, in general it’s a good idea to have a local hospital or two in your contacts list, which will be especially helpful if the accident is near where you live. 

Take Pictures 

Taking thorough pictures of the scene is also important. Make sure your pictures cover every side of every vehicle involved as well as any bumps, scratches, and other notable issues. Doing so will give you peace of mind that you have documented the scene in case it becomes necessary later. For example, if the other driver ends up suing you, you’ll have good documentation to give your auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA. If you’re looking for such a lawyer, Hernan Law Firm PC has great lawyers who can handle your litigation. 

Get Contact and Insurance Information 

You should be sure to collect the contact and insurance information of the other person or persons involved in the accident. This again helps to keep everyone accountable to handle the situation properly and will also equip you with the information you need to file a claim with your insurance. 

Call the Police 

One of the three most important phone calls you need to make is to the police. Calling the police and reporting the accident speeds up the process of them filing a police report (if necessary), and having a police officer at the scene can help to protect against any wrongful blame in the situation. And if the incident is taken to court, remember that you have the option of hiring an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, such as a lawyer from Hernan Law Firm PC. 

Call Your Insurance 

Finally, call your auto insurance provider. You may find it helpful to call your local office (if you have a good rapport with them), but ultimately you should call the claims department to file a claim. Doing this quickly will help keep your situation as concise and efficient as possible. 

Making sure you take these five steps will help to make the process of handling your car accident easier and more efficient. No one likes dealing with the mess (or pain) caused by an accident, so it’s good to be prepared with a game plan. 




Get the Help You Need

This is only a brief overview of the wide variety of injuries that can be sustained in a car accident. It is important to see a doctor or medical professional as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that all injuries are treated properly.

If you are seeking an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA, The Hernan Law Firm can help. Call our offices today to get the assistance that you need.

Legal Assistance is Available 

Don’t delay seeking legal help if you have been a recent accident victim. A skilled and dedicated car accident lawyer can explain and protect your rights, helping you to navigate the claims process. Reach out to an experienced lawyer sooner than later. Schedule a risk-free consultation with an auto accident lawyer  Roswell, GA from Hernan Law Firm to learn more about how you can receive legal assistance. 

Why is an Auto Accident Lawyer in Roswell, GA Needed?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer. The answer is yes – you need an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA to help protect your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. A lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance company and make sure that you receive the payout that covers all of your damages. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA today to get started on your case.

Why Do You Need The Hernan Law Firm Today As your Auto Accident Lawyer in Roswell, GA?

Getting injured in an auto accident can be devastating. You may have sustained a serious injury and your medical bills are piling up. It’s the last thing you need to deal with on top of the pain of your injuries. The insurance company is going to do everything they can to make this process as difficult for you as possible, including offering lowball settlements that don’t even cover your medical expenses! That’s why The Hernan Law Firm is here for you.

We know that the last thing you want to think about is legal issues after a car crash, but it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can get started on your case right away. You have just three years from the date of your injury or accident to file a claim for compensation under Georgia law. After this time period has passed, it becomes much more difficult and expensive for our lawyers to help you win your case.

You don’t have to face this alone when The Hernan Law Firm is on your side providing aggressive representation for your auto accident case in Rosewell, GA and surrounding areas. We’ll work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve and need from insurance companies who will do everything they can to pay as little as possible on your claim.

The Hernan Law Firm is here to help victims of car accidents get the compensation they deserve. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages or loss of future earnings. Don’t let anyone tell you that there isn’t anything wrong with your case when our team has seen this happen time after time. Let us fight for justice on your behalf so that no one else will ever have to go through what happened to you again!

Our experienced team of attorneys will work with medical experts and other professionals who are familiar with all aspects of personal injury cases like yours in order to build a strong case that will hold up in court if necessary. We understand how stressful these situations can be, which is why we do everything possible to make sure our clients receive the best care available while their cases are being prepared for trial or settlement negotiations. Let us take some of the stress out of this process by contacting us today!

Hire The Hernan Law Firm today! We will fight for you every step of the way until we get you a fair settlement so that you can focus on healing instead of worrying about money. We’re here for all Georgians who’ve been hurt in vehicle accidents, no matter where it happened or how it happened (including car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, truck accidents, pedestrian incidents). Call us today  so our auto accident lawyer in Roswell, GA can learn more about your case and start fighting for you!

Investigating Causation and Determining Fault

The first thing that the trusted team at Hernan Law Firm will do in order to weigh the potential strengths and weaknesses of your case is investigate the cause(s) of your crash. Only when we fully understand why your accident occurred, can we advise you as to who (or what) may have been to blame for what happened to you. Once we can objectively portion fault, we can determine whether any actors may be held legally and financially responsible for the harm that you have suffered. Similarly, we can then evaluate whether any insurance coverage related to those involved may entitle you to a fairly valued insurance settlement.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have recently been injured in an auto accident and have not yet connected with the experienced Georgia legal team at Hernan Law Firm to schedule a risk-free consultation, please do so today. As explored above, the reality of motor vehicle accidents is far more complex than most Americans realize. It is actually relatively rare to have a car crash in any scenario more significant than a fender bender in which only a single cause leads to harm. Far more often, multiple forces are at play and lead to the injury of one or more people involved in the crash.

Don’t make any assumptions about the strengths and weaknesses of your case until our knowledgeable legal team has assessed your circumstances in a thorough and objective fashion. Once you are empowered with our findings, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about whether to file insurance and/or personal injury claims at this time. We look forward to speaking with you about your situation.