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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia
For Over 20+ Years
Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

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Personal Injury Attorney Canton GAPersonal Injury Attorney Canton GA

At Hernan Law Firm, our lawyer for personal injury Canton, GA residents trust understands the difficulties that often come after a personal injury accident. Many people who have not been involved in personal injury accidents think that it simply takes the amount of time to move on from the accident as it does to heal from injuries. However, this is not the case. Depending on the type of accident you were in and the severity of your injuries, you may be facing years, even a lifetime, of physical recovery. You may also be experiencing trauma and psychological difficulties after an accident. If you were in a pedestrian accident, this couldn’t be truer. Those who are victims of pedestrian accidents often feel as if they can’t even leave their houses anymore. Simply walking outside can put you at risk and the injuries you sustain after a pedestrian accident can be extremely severe since you likely had nothing around you to protect you. 

Car accidents can also be difficult to recover from, even if they appear safer than pedestrian accidents. Whether you were a driver or a rider during a car accident, this can completely reshape how you choose to travel in the future. Further, just because you begin to look fine on the outside does not mean that your psychological, emotional, or physical injuries have fully recovered. You may need years of physical or psychological therapy after a car accident and this not only takes time but it can also cost a great deal of money. Uber and Lyft accidents can cause similar feelings of dread when you step into a car and it can make doctors appointments, visiting friends and family, and even going to legal appointments difficult if you have concerns about stepping into a car that someone else is driving. 

Whatever your personal injury accident was, know that you can reach out to Hernan Law Firm to learn more about the ways we can help you and how we can work alongside you through this legal claim. 

Boling Park Canton GABoling Park Canton, GA

The team at Hernan Law Firm understands that after an accident (like a pedestrian accident) when you are still recovering from injuries, you may have certain physical therapy exercises you need to do or you may simply wish to work on your activity level so that you can continue healing and regain as much strength as possible. This is why we recommend a trip to Boling Park. Whether you are making the quick trip from our office or simply taking the day to visit on your own, Boling Park can provide a safe space to work on your physical therapy movements, gain muscle, and improve flexibility. You can take the day to go on the walking path and move as slowly or quickly as possible. 

Tired after a workout here? No problem! Head over to the picnic area and enjoy taking in the scenery while munching on your favorite packed lunch. If you would prefer to visit with your family, Boling Park also offers a playground area suitable for kids of many ages so that you can go back and forth to your legal meetings at our office without worrying about whether your kids will be bored. You can stop by Boling Park on the way in or out of the office and enjoy the amenities it has to offer. This place surely has a little something to offer anyone who visits. 

Etowah River Park Canton GAEtowah River Park Canton, GA

If you are interested in regaining your strength after an accident, like a car accident, our personal injury lawyer in Canton, Georgia from Hernan Law Firm knows that Etowah River Park may have exactly what you need. Whether you are looking to start slowly while you are recovering or whether it has been a longer period of time since the accident and you are ready to ramp up your activity level, Etowah River Park has a beautiful 1.6-mile trail loop perfect for exercise and sight-seeing. 

Additionally, you might find even more than you were looking for when you visit this park. Many people hold events (like music venues) for the community to come and enjoy and if you prefer to spend your time out on the water then you will be glad to know that there are various water activities you and your family can sign up for. Prefer to come with your kids? There are two different playgrounds for your kids to run around on, basketball hoops to shoot, and fields to play soccer or frisbee on. There are so many possibilities at this park that it will surely help you take your mind off of your legal case after a car accident. While it can often feel like legal matters consume you during a difficult period in your life after recovering from an accident, taking the opportunity to enjoy the world around you can help your body and soul heal. 

Heritage Park Canton GAHeritage Park Canton, GA

At Hernan Law Firm, we know that one of the hardest things to do after an accident, like an Uber or Lyft accident, is finding time for yourself and reconnecting with who you are and what you enjoy doing. This is why we recommend taking the short drive from our office to Heritage Park. The walking trail is only 0.9 miles and is lightly trafficked. You are sure to connect with yourself, with nature, and not feel that you are getting overwhelmed by too many other people. While you can enjoy walking, running, or even biking along the trail, you may also wish to bring your dog! As long as they are kept on their leash, you can enjoy a walk or run with your furry best friend. 

For those who are in a wheelchair after an accident, you will find that Heritage Park also offers designated van-accessible parking spots and that the trail is smooth and paved with a 1% or less grade. This can allow people of different accessibility types to enjoy the trail and it may be perfect for someone recovering from a personal injury accident. If you were recently in an accident, whether it was a pedestrian, car, or Uber or Lyft accident, do not hesitate to get the help you need. At Hernan Law Firm, we care about each of our clients and want to know how we can help. For more information, reach out to our trusted Canton, Georgia personal injury lawyer now.


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