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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Car Accident Leads To Property Damages

Car Accident Leads To Property Damages

Car Accident in The Atlanta Area

A car accident in the Roswell vicinity in nearby Lilburn, GA on Wednesday, August 10th led to property damages of a Popeyes Restaurant. It was stated by witnesses at the scene that one driver ran a red light while another car was attempting to turn left. The car attempting to make the turn received brake failure following the collision and ran into the Popeyes Restaurant. It was stated that no one inside of the Popeyes Restaurant or either of the drivers involved in the crash were injured. Pictures from the scene reveal that substantial damage was received by the Popeyes Restaurant as well as the vehicles involved. 

Car Accidents

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Distracted driving, as well as negligent driving, are a few of the leading causes of car accidents. Many people become accustomed to doing multiple things at once while driving which causes them to lose focus of driving. While the car accident in this case is still under investigation according to the article, there is a strong chance that negligent driving could be at play. Running a red light is something that no one should ever do. However, on a daily basis, many people run red lights. Many people on a daily basis run red lights in order to save time but instead end up wasting even more time when they are in car accidents. 

Lawsuits and Accidents

Car accidents, in a lot of circumstances, may have lawsuits that accompany them. This is to cover bills and charges with property damage to vehicles or other property as well as injuries. Injuries, especially when needing to be examined or cared for at a hospital, can quickly add up financially. Pain and suffering is another thing that generally gets compensated. This is because a financial value is placed on pain that someone suffers from their accident injuries or shock. Filing a lawsuit or fighting one can be a difficult thing to conduct. That’s why many people turn to a professional or a law firm to help get assistance with these types of matters. Having a professional file these claims or look over a case could be the difference between receiving a generous compensation package or a lower one.

How a Lawyer Can Assist

An auto accident lawyer Roswell, GA trusts can be an important asset to have on your side following a car accident. Our lawyers understand the complex landscape of car accident law and personal injury law. We have worked on many cases of this nature and can help you out if you have been involved in a car accident. Contact us today at the 

Hernan Law Firm to get the much-needed assistance for your car accident case and claim. Waiting too long could see the statute of limitations expire to submit a claim which is why it is advised to take care of these matters sooner rather than later.