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Catastrophic/Serious Automobile, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents in Georgia – Level One Trauma Centers

Level One Trauma Centers in Georgia 

Treating catastrophic and other serious trauma related injuries from automobile, motorcycle or trucking accidents in the state of Georgia.
When involved in a serious automobile accident in Georgia, close proximity to a Level One Trauma Center can be the difference between life & death. Georgia currently has five hospitals with the distinction. 

What is a Level One Trauma Center?   

A Level One Trauma Center refers to the capabilities of a hospital to serve the critical needs of patients severely injured through a trauma related incident, whether from an automobile, motorcycle or trucking accident (or another cause of trauma related injury). As the highest trauma center rating in the state, hospitals strive to maintain the distinction.
To be designated as a Level One Trauma Center by the Georgia Department of Community Health, a hospital must be able to prove that it staffs its emergency department and trauma operating room at all times with a full team of doctors including surgical staff in different disciplines such as neurological or orthopedic specialty areas. It must show it has the best equipment and resources available to treat patients with catastrophic injuries (whether from an automobile, motorcycle or trucking accident or other traumatic injury). And, it must be able to show that it treats a high volume of trauma related patients throughout the year. Individuals critically injured in an automobile accident will increase their chance of survival by up to 25% by receiving treatment in a Level One Trauma Center, according to the Atlanta Medical Center.
The Georgia Trauma Commission (www.georgiatraumacommission.org) was established to promote the long term development of the trauma care network in the State of Georgia and identify limitations and develop a long term vision for an enhanced network capable of best serving patients in critical need of trauma related care in Georgia. The Commission recently developed a strategic plan to help it realize its vision to expand the system, help reduce traumatic injury, coordinate with disaster/homeland security preparedness, enhance support for rural Georgia and more.
The five Level One Trauma Centers in the State of Georgia serving severely injured automobile, motorcycle and trucking accident victims are: 



Address: 303 Parkway Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30312
Telephone: (404) 265-4000

The third busiest trauma center in the State of Georgia, Atlanta Medical Center was awarded the distinction as a Level One Trauma Center in 2011.




Address: 777 Hemlock Street Macon, GA 31201
Telephone: (478) 633-1000

Located in Macon, Medical Center – Navicent Health is the second largest hospital in Georgia and provides the only Level One Trauma Center in its region of the state. The Emergency & Urgent Care Services unit at Medical Center – Navicent Health serves approximately 65,000 patients per year. The hospital’s EMS department generally serves patients from Baldwin, Bibb, Jones and Twiggs counties.



Address: 1120 15th St Augusta, GA 30912
Telephone: (706) 721-2273

Serving over 13 counties, the hospital at the Georgia Health Sciences University (formerly referred to as the Medical College of Georgia) in August, Georgia serves thousands of patients each year as the only Level One Trauma Center in its region.



Address: 4700 Waters Avenue Savannah, GA 31404
Telephone: (912) 350-8000

As the only Level One Trauma Center in the southeastern corner of the state, Memorial Health University Medical Center’s emergency services unit serves approximately 80,000 patients per year. The hospital serves 28 counties in Georgia and South Carolina.