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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

What Counts As A Slip And Fall?

Maid slipped on wet floor and laying downA slip and fall is any injury that’s caused by a slip, trip, tumble, or fall. While they may seem pretty minor on the surface, you should report your injuries and seek medical attention to avoid any serious health issues that may develop later on. Read on to learn more about slip and falls, and see why you should lawyer up.

What Counts As A Slip And Fall?

A slip and fall is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. They’re relatively minor accidents, and they’re oftentimes traced back to negligence on the part of a property owner or manager. Some of the most common examples of slip and falls are slipping on tile while at the grocery store, or tripping on loose cables in an office.

A slip and fall presents itself as a minor accident. While they may not be on the same level as a car accident or more severe injury, there’s a chance that a minor accident can develop into more serious health issues later on.

How Much Will A Slip And Fall Cost?

As a slip and fall lawyer can explain, slip and falls can be pretty pricey. A sprained ankle can cost several thousands of dollars, and there’s a risk that your injuries can be more serious than you originally expected.

The real danger of a slip and fall lies in how innocent these accidents seem at first. Many people fail to report their injuries, and find themselves in financial hot water when they notice some nagging pain several weeks (or even months) after the accident itself. Proper care for a slip and fall injury may be surprisingly expensive, but you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket.

Who Should Pay For My Injuries?

A slip and fall doesn’t exist in a vacuum – your accident happened for a reason, and that reason oftentimes points to someone’s negligence.

For example, a wet floor in a grocery store is a tripping hazard. A property manager should mark the tripping hazard with a “wet floor” sign to keep people aware of the potential danger. If a property manager fails to mark a wet floor, it’s an indication that they neglected their duty to their customers – and they should be held accountable.

Why Should I Pursue Compensation?

It’s no secret that medical bills are expensive. You shouldn’t be left footing the bill after someone else’s negligence led to your accident. In the event of a slip and fall injury, you’ll need some money to pay for your medical care, and there’s no guarantee your insurance provider will pay you enough (or on time).

Pursuing compensation means holding a negligent party accountable for their actions. It can be a challenge to do this without legal representation, so it’s important to lawyer up.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me?

Fighting for compensation can be difficult, but the right legal team can help. When you get in touch with an injury lawyer, he or she can go over the specific details of your case and walk you through your next steps. Your lawyer may also investigate where the accident took place, just to get a better idea of how the accident happened, and how it should have been avoided.

When you get in touch with a personal injury lawyer, you’re taking a step towards compensation. Get in touch with a lawyer today to see how they can help with your case.