Unfortunately, car accidents are far too common occurrences. You likely have been in one before or, at the very least, know a loved one who has been in a car accident. Do you know what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation? Just as important, do you know what you should not do? 

Always contact a car accident lawyer, right away if you are involved in an accident. You deserve to be compensated for your medical bills and the property that was damaged in the accident. Try to remember this list of what not to do as well. 

Do Not Panic

The worst thing to do in a dangerous situation is to panic. You need to try to keep your cool after something like this happens. If you panic, you may not be able to help yourself or others get the medical attention they need. You should take a deep breath and check yourself for injuries. Then, check on the other people who were involved to see if anyone needs immediate attention. If someone does, call 911 right away. 

Do Not Yell at the Other Party

Road rage is a very real thing. You do not want to make someone so angry that a bad situation becomes worse. You need to keep your cool with the other party, even if you feel extreme negligence occurred. This is a good opportunity to call the police to the scene of the accident. An officer will make sure that everyone involved will remain calm so that you can begin moving forward. 

Do Not Admit Fault

You should never admit that you could have been even partly at fault in a car accident. Do not mention that you were texting while driving or that you may have been going even just a few miles above the speed limit. Do not talk to anyone without retaining the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer who can determine what is and what is not important information to share for your case. 

Do Not Accept an Insurance Payout

Insurance agents are trained to give you an offer that sounds appealing, but in reality lowballs what you should actually be getting for your accident. You deserve to have all of your medical bills paid for, your vehicle repaired or replaced to the same level it was before the accident, and any other personal property that was damaged replaced as well. An insurance agent will likely not take into account the future medical costs you have or lost wages due to missed work. A lawyer will think about all of this and try to help you get everything you deserve, rather than just the amount that you have paid so far. 

Do Not Hesitate to Contact a Lawyer

Perhaps the worst thing you can do after being involved in a car is think that you can go about the process without a lawyer. A lawyer will know how to navigate through your case in a way that gets you the compensation you deserve. You may feel that your case is a simple one, but most people get paid so much more if they hire an experienced car accident lawyer, rather than trying to deal with the case on their own. Do not hesitate. You need to contact a car accident lawyer, right away so that the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case does not expire. 

Thanks to our friends at Tuttle Law, P.A., firm for their insight into the car accidents. You deserve to be compensated for your medical bills and the property that was damaged in the accident. Try to remember this list of what not to do as well.