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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

A Brief Look at Common Car Accident Injuries

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No matter the cause of your auto accident, a serious crash can have tragic consequences. Besides the cost of medical attention, the value of your pain and suffering remains incalculable. You deserve to be paid for injuries caused by someone else. Here are a few good reasons for speaking with a car accident attorney.

Cognitive Impairments

It’s sadly common for drivers involved in car wrecks to sustain a blow to the head. One’s forehead might hit the steering wheel or get knocked into the driver’s side window when there’s a collision. Concussions, brain contusions, and penetrating brain injuries (where an object pierces the skull) are real possibilities. These incidents can result in long-term disabilities or even death.

Spinal Troubles

The spine is key to mobility. Trauma to this area can result in lifelong pain that requires chiropractic treatments or surgery. Worse scenarios could result in partial or even complete paralysis. Besides medical care, the cost of medication and mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs and accessibility ramps, is typically exorbitant.

Disfiguring Burns

Since cars operate on fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and oil, there is always the possibility that a fire will break out after a collision occurs. Human flesh is particularly vulnerable to flames. It doesn’t take long for a fire to do serious harm. It’s particularly perilous when there’s a seat belt malfunction, and the driver cannot escape. The resulting burns can be emotionally distressing, as well as physically agonizing. It often takes an excruciatingly long time to recover from this type of fallout.

Limb Amputations

Broken bones are an obvious possibility from any severe auto accident. A simple break may require little more than a cast. In other instances, a proliferation of fractures may make recovery impossible. Amputation becomes the only option. Alternatively, an arm or leg could become separated at the moment of impact and not be successfully reattached. Other body parts remain vulnerable as well, including fingers and toes.

Emotional Traumas

Some injuries aren’t visible. Victims occasionally suffer psychologically. The events keep replaying in their heads, preventing them from sleeping, concentrating, and driving again. The carefree life they once enjoyed may be gone forever. A lifelong combination of visits to therapists and medication could be necessary.

When you’re hurt in a vehicular incident caused by someone’s negligence, you should be financially compensated and take your grievance to court to see that justice is delivered.