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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Lawyer

There are many types of accidents that can result in a personal injury claim. One of the most common types is car accidents. Victims who are injured in car accidents often face long recoveries, with high medical expenses and lost wages while they recover. The success of a personal injury claim for a car accident can hinge on what type of steps the victim took following the accident. Since it is estimated that every adult who drives will be in at least three crashes in their driving lifetime, it is important for every driver to know the steps they should take if they are involved in a crash.

Check for Injuries

If anyone has been injured in the crash, call 911 and try to keep the victim calm until emergency responders arrive. Also, stop and check yourself out. Are you feeling dizzy or in any pain? This could be a sign you have been injured and may need to be transported by EMTs to the hospital. Even if you don’t require transport to a hospital, you should still seek out medical attention right away to document your injuries and make sure that they are not more serious than you believe.

Contact the Police

Even if the other driver wants to avoid calling the police or keep the matter between just the two of you, it is important to realize that this can be a huge mistake. This can happen if the other driver does not have insurance or they could be driving on a suspended license. In addition, depending on the state you live in, it can also be illegal. Notifying the police not only protects you legally but also can help with your injury claim as it serves as another documentation of the event.

Exchange Information

It is not uncommon for people to be upset and emotional during a crash, but it is important to try to stay calm. You need to exchange information with the other driver. You need to obtain their contact information and insurance information. You also need their driver’s license information, registration, and VIN number of their vehicle.

Speak with Witnesses

If there were any witnesses to the crash, try to get their contact information. Anything witnesses can share with your personal injury lawyer may help your case later on.

Take Photos

If you are still physically able to do so, try to take photographs of the accident scene. Take pictures of any damage to the vehicles, as well as the area surrounding the crash scene. Look for landmarks and other factors that may have contributed to the crash, such as traffic lights and signs. If you cannot physically do this yourself, see if someone at the scene can do it or have a trusted family member or friend go to the scene as soon as possible to take the photos.

Contact a Lawyer

Once you have arrived home after being examined by a doctor, you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer to find out what your legal options are. Your attorney will also handle all communications with the other party’s insurance company, ensuring that you are protected from the manipulating tactics insurance adjusters often use.

Keep All Documents

During the course of the claim process, you will receive all kinds of documents that could be important to your case, such as medical records and bills, police reports, witness statements, and more. Make sure to keep an organized file of all of this information and to provide copies of everything to your attorney.