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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim after you have sustained injuries from a bicycle accident, you can enlist the help of a qualified lawyer that you can trust to assist you throughout the process. You do not have to go through your ordeal alone. Many bicycle accidents happen because of individuals who act negligently and without any regard for the safety of others. You may be entitled to compensation as a bicycle accident victim. Bicycle accidents have many different causes such as the ones below.

Backing Out Of A Space or Driveway

People who are driving vehicles or are walking along the street do not pay enough attention to their surroundings, which can increase the chances of an accident happening. People who are prone to these types of accidents include children, the elderly and disabled individuals because they are smaller or slower, because it can be hard for drivers to see them. Many people back out of a parking space of their driveway without looking carefully in every direction, which can result in a collision with a person riding a bicycle.

Excessive Speeding 

Driving at high speeds is another common cause of bicycle accidents. As a skilled bicycle accident lawyer like one from Disparti Law Group can tell you, many accidents that result in injuries occur because of drivers who speed in residential areas, side streets, and in low traffic areas. If you have been in a bicycle accident, you can reach out to a lawyer and have them evaluate your case to see whether you can obtain evidence that speed was a factor.

Reckless Driving

Unsafe driving often leads to an accident, especially involving cyclists. Examples of reckless driving include ignoring traffic signs, abruptly changing lanes, and weaving between traffic. Cyclists are even more at risk when drivers are reckless because they can inadvertently strike them. They may fail to slow down in time and avoid a collision. Talk to a lawyer right away if you have been a victim of a reckless driving accident.

Aggressive Driving 

It can be easy to get heated on the road, especially when you are in situations such as being stuck in traffic or have just gotten cut off. When people are in a rush to get to work or another important destination, it may make it difficult to keep emotions in check and be respectful of other drivers. However, there is no excuse for aggressive driving especially when it results in an accident.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you can receive legal services from a lawyer that many clients trust. It is important to hire a lawyer who has had many years of experience representing clients who have been in accidents and have successfully recovered compensation for them. You can recover much higher compensation than you expect if you consult a lawyer right away. Do not wait to seek legal help from a respected bicycle accident lawyer that you can trust now.