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Personal Injury Attorney In Southeast Georgia For Over 20+ Years

Compensation You May Receive for a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or a loved one has experienced a traumatic brain injury then you should reach out to a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Northridge, CA. When your law case is going up in front of a judge to determine the amount of compensation that you should receive for your pain and suffering, the way they are to calculate that compensation is not only to be look at the cost of your medical bills, the lack of work or loss of work that you have accrued because of your injury and rehabilitation, but they are also going to look at how your life was permanently changed because of this accident.

One of the most common complications in patients that have traumatic brain injury often due to an ineffective ability to communicate, and cognitive deficits and behavioral difficulties that were sustained from their brain injury is urinary dysfunction. This is otherwise known as bladder or bowel dysfunction and genitourinary complications.

Urinary function relates to detrusor overactivity and leads to longer stays at acute services and causes rehabilitation to be delayed. Oftentimes patients that experience urinary dysfunction, demonstrate poor functional recovery upon discharge, and it is important to establish the causes of the urinary tract infection or otherwise that are affecting the patient’s ability to function normally. Oftentimes medication and pelvic floor exercises will improve the outcome but not always.

Now losing urinary or bowel function does not seem like the end of the world to most people until you think about the fact that people with incontinence of any kind have to wear diapers, if it were pads, they struggle to interact with people in public settings because they have very little control over their bow and their bladders. This can make it extremely hard for people after receiving a traumatic brain injury and ending up with urinary and bowel function decline, to return to work. It can greatly affect their standard of life, and sometimes it can even be life-threatening. Neurogenic bowel conditions can be incontinence or constipation, and with constipation you can have other issues crop up such as sepsis.

So if you or your loved one is now suffering from some kind of incontinence after a brain injury, and it is affecting your life, make sure that you tell your brain injury lawyer Northridge, CA about this so that they can properly tally up the compensation that you deserve to receive for your suffering. Money will not make everything right but money can make some things right.Such as helping you with your medical bills, do rehabilitation that you need to stop suffering from extreme bouts of incontinence and more. You should ensure that you work with a lawyer that you trust, and you should ensure that they understand your issues and that you feel safe talking to them about these health issues.

If you or a loved one receive a brain injury due to someone else’s neglect, you should reach out to a brain injury lawyer, such as the ones available at Barry P Goldberg Law Firm.